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caters to all types of fence repairs for the home and business owner; however we are also a full service fence company. If you're looking for wood fence repair, a new or replacement fence, wrought iron fence, chain link, brick or any other fence style, you chosen one of the best fencing companies. Our fence installers have a working knowledge of every style fencing imaginable. Katy Fence Repair will even work with you to design a custom one of a kind fence or gate that suits any purpose or individual style. Call us today; if we can we'll come out today. We offer Free Estimates.

Often when faced with a broken gate that just won't close or a leaning fence, a consumer will find most fence companies have a minimum service charge or your project is too small. You begin to understand getting a fence company out for such projects can be a daunting task. At Katy Fence Repair, we specialize in fence and gate repairs. No project is inappropriately sized for us to handle. We will be happy to replace a bad gate latch or replace the whole gate. We will repair 10 ft of fence or install thousands of feet of new fencing for you. A homeowners driveway gate is just as important as the business owners security gate. So if you need a gate fixed or a new gate installed, if you have a fallen section of fence or need a brand new fence, give us a call. 

Katy Fence Repair makes every effort to accommodate the needs of our customers. When homeowners find themselves forced to replace a fence due to circumstances, often it's not in their budget to drop a few thousand up front. HOA letters and fines can be intimidating as well. Usually replacing a section or two of cedar fencing which face the community will stop these letters and satisfy your HOA. We can install your new fence one section at a time to ease any stress on your schedule or budget. Often small repairs can be handled on the initial visit. Most new and replacement projects, under 500 ft, can be completed within one week. 
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