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At Katy F​ence Repair we believe nearly every damaged fence or gate is repairable. It may not always be possible to make it look like new again, but we can usually come close. We will make every effort to cost effectively fix your fence or gate. If Katy Fence Repair is unable to complete the necessary repairs on your project, we will let you know up front and work with you to replace the problem. Sometimes a new gate or fence is the only solution. After being in the fencing industry for many years now, we have learned a great deal about fences, gates and people. We understand a new fence is not always 1st on the "wish list". More often than not, a repair of this nature is a burden rather than a luxury. When it comes to cedar fencing or fence repairs of any kind, most business and homeowners find they have to rather than want to take on the project. Let Katy Fence Repair make this process easy and painless for you.

Schedule an appointment today. We offer free estimates and will travel.
Katy Fence Repair will do our best to come out and take a look at your repair the same day. We make a continual effort to present our customers with the best service, materials and skilled experts. Our goal is to produce results. No fence or gate project has got the best of us yet. As mentioned, if there is some reason we are unable to make the necessary repairs on your project, we have the means and knowledge to replace your damaged fence or gate with a new one. You don't have to stress anymore about that fallen fence or annoying gate that won't stay closed.
When looking for fencing companies, choose Katy Fence Repair for your project; you'll get results you expect without putting a dent in your wallet. Wood Fence Repair & more.
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