Katy Fence Repair offers fence repairs and gate repairs for commercial and residential clients. Repairs are our specialty and what we do most often, however we also offer full service fencing and gate installation to our clients. On this page you will find a portfolio of our services and recent projects. Although many fence and gates may seem similar to one another, no two projects are exactly alike. Every project has it's own characteristics and challenges and often what may work towards repairing a fence or gate may not work on the next. At Katy Fence Repair, we welcome every challenge and obstacle and see every project thru to completion. On our initial visit we discuss any options that may be available to repair your damaged fence or gate, present our Free Estimate and schedule your project. Our team members can securely accept credit cards or checks on the spot, so if you're eager to get the repair done we are ready to start.

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Wood Gate Repairs - $100-$700 avg.            
broken hinges
bad gate latch                                                
not shutting properly
sagging gate                                                
fence post broken                                            
rotten wood frame | pickets                             

Metal Gate Repairs - $300-$1200 avg.
broken | rusted hinges
latch or closing mechanism damaged
key-pad | remote entry broken
gate operator not functioning
improper alignment 
bad battery | solar panel


fence repair

Gate repairs can be frustrating to deal with, we understand this at Katy Fence Repair. When you call and schedule an appointment with us, we come to your project site promptly and ready to work. Often we find ourselves doing familiar (common) gate repairs, things we have done time and time again. We know how to identify the actual problem and we know how to fix it. Our fence installers carry extra gate hinges, gate latches, anti-sag kits for larger gates and other necessary materials and tools to get the job done.

When it comes to fence repairs, the frustration isn't any less. However, as with gates, we have seen many "common" fence repairs over the years. Let Katy Fence Repair take the worries and stress away. We employ experts in the fencing industry with years of experience, offer Free Estimates and 100% stand behind our work. Whether you have a wood fence, a metal fence, a chain link fence or any other style, we have the knowledge to work on your project. We also offer Sealing & Staining services.

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Wood Fence Repairs - $250-$1200 avg.
fallen or hanging fence pickets
bad rot board
post or frame rotted
sagging rails
section | panel fallen
faded | worn fence pickets

​Metal Fence Repairs - $300-$1800 avg.
fence rusted
damaged | rusted rails
chipping | faded paint
broken | rusted posts
triads (finials) | spears missing
puppy pickets


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